Online Transactions

Becoming an LDC Member

LDC memberships are designated in the Catalog by year and membership type, for example LDC2024MNP denotes LDC’s 2024 Not-For-Profit Membership. Choose the membership type (standard, subscription) and click Request Membership. The Bin page appears with the selected membership type. Choose to Request More Data or click the Checkout button to complete the transaction.

Ordering Data

Browse the Catalog to view available corpora. Click to "view fees" at the bottom of the Catalog page. The listed member fee refers to members from the year the data set was released. To add a data set to your bin, click Request Data at the bottom of the page. The Bin page appears with the corpus title(s), quantity and any fee. Request More Data or click the Checkout button to complete the transaction. 

Completing Online Transactions

The checkout process consists of up to six steps: Address, Delivery, Agreement, Payment, Confirm and Complete. When the Checkout button is clicked, the Address screen appears and displays billing and shipping addresses and the invoice total (item(s) plus any shipping charges). 

Review the information and press Save and Continue to reach the Delivery screen. This screen will show any applicable shipping costs. You can also enter any special delivery instructions in the box. 

Review the information and press Save and Continue to reach the Agreement screen. View, agree, and sign/defer any applicable license agreements on this page (to learn more about signing agreements read the section below: Signing Agreements).  

Press Save and Continue to reach the Payment screen. Select your preferred method of payment and complete the required fields (to learn more about payment read the section below: Payment). 

Press Save and Continue to reach the Confirm screen. Review your transaction and make any changes if necessary.

Press Place Order to finaize your transaction and reach the Complete screen. The Complete screen will summarize your transaction and provide you with a confirmation page for your records. After you have reviewed your completed transaction you can choose to Return to your Account.  

Signing Agreements

Users may sign any required agreements (membership agreements, user agreements) electronically from the Agreement page. 

Choose the agreement to be signed. Orders for multiple items will show all applicable agreements to be signed for that order.  The agreement is pre-filled with information about the user. Choose one option for each -- yes, no, or defer. Those actions trigger the following:

  • Yes: fields to enter the user’s e-signature (first name, last name, and initials) and a time-stamped box appear. Once the user has filled in the e-signature fields, click the “Sign” box to sign the agreement. Once the agreement is signed, the user may complete the transaction online.

  • No: the user refuses to sign the agreement. The user will not be able to complete a transaction for items for which the user refused to sign any required agreements.

  • Defer: allows the user to review and sign the agreement offline and submit a hard copy of the agreement to LDC. The user can complete other steps of the transaction online (e.g., payment) when an agreement is deferred. The transaction will not be processed until all required signed agreements are received.


Payment can be made in one of three ways: credit card, check and wire transfer. LDC accepts institutional purchase orders in most instances and issues quotes or pro forma invoices upon request. Your order will not be processed until payment is received.

By credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard)

  • Follow the steps through the online payment system to provide credit card details

By check from a bank with branches in the United States

  • Credit checks to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Mail checks to LDC's address 

By wire to:

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 
420 Montgomery Street 
San Francisco, CA 94104

ABA NO.: 121-000-248
Account No.: 2000018692644

CHIPS: 0407

Credit to: The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Attn: LDC Membership Office 215-573-1275

Completed Transaction

Once the transaction is completed, users receive an email notification that an invoice has been created. The user receives further notifications when any subsequent actions occur. Those include when any signed agreements are received, when payment is received and when the order is fulfilled. Orders are fulfilled by shipping data or by providing instructions for downloading data.

Order Fulfillment

Users receive a shipment tracking number and tracking number URL for all data shipped.
Users login to their LDC account to access items made available by web download.

Order Status 

Users can review a pending order by clicking on the transaction link provided by LDC through email or by logging into their LDC account.