1) Can I join LDC for any membership year?

Organizations can only join the current membership year (2024). Organizations can also pay for membership years in advance (2025 and beyond) but the membership will activate on January 1 of the membership year. 

2) What is a reduced license fee?

The 'reduced license fee' is the discounted fee available to current members licensing corpora from closed membership years. 

3) What is a 'members-only' corpus?

Designated 'members-only' corpora are available to current members who can request the data at the listed reduced-license fee.

4) Can I request more than one copy of a corpus released in my membership year?

Members may license additional physical copies of corpora at the listed Extra Copy fee. Data accessible as a web download may be downloaded as many times as needed. Extra copies of LDC data are subject to the same restrictions, and covered by the same license, if any, as the primary copy.

5) How can I obtain a guest account?

Anyone can request a guest account from the User Login page or the LDC Catalog. Click on the "Create a new account" or “Register” button. Guest Users are entitled to receive LDC’s newsletter, edit their user profile and change the password to their LDC account. In order to become an LDC member or to license data from the LDC Catalog, Guest Users must register their organization with LDC or indicate their affiliation with an existing organization. For more information regarding the benefits of a guest account visit the Managing Your LDC Account page.