Software Development

The Software Development group provides tools and support for the full range of LDC work, designing custom tools based upon a common framework and integrating human languages technologies where appropriate.

The applications designed at LDC include data collection and processing, user interfaces for manual annotation of text, audio, image and video, annotation workflow management, indexing, search, automatic annotation (e.g., language identification, content duplicate identification, segmentation, tokenization, tagging, morphological analysis) and quality control. The common code-base allows reuse across projects and tasks. Nearly all LDC annotation tools are now web-enabled.

LDC's software developers are equipped with desktop development workstations, computational servers, relational database servers, web servers, software development resources (e.g., various compilers, interpreters, debuggers, text editors, GUI-builders, IDEs, revision control systems), issue tracking systems, e-mail discussion lists, a wiki-based knowledge base and other documentation.