LDC hosts and participates in various workshops and has also provided coordination and support for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) technology evaluation workshops.

With support from the Penn China Research and Engagement Fund, LDC organized two workshops in Beijing: The Second International Symposium on Language Resources and Intelligence, co-organized with Beijing Language and Culture University (December 2018), and the International Workshop on Language Resource Construction: Theory, Methodology and Applications in collaboration with Peking University (November 2017).  

As part of a larger goal to extend collaborative research in the languages of the Americas, LDC organized two workshops in 2018: (1) Planning Workshop on Data Archives and Languages of the Americas (Philadelphia, February 2018), supported by a Penn University Research Foundation grant and a School of Arts and Sciences Conference Support Grant; and (2) International Workshop on Data Intensive Research on Languages of the Americas (Mexico City, May 2018) supported by the Penn Global Engagement Fund.

Other Workshops

NIEUW (Novel Incentives and Engineering Unique Workflows) Workshop

LREC 2016 Workshop

LSA 2016 Workshop

LSA 2012 Workshop

LDC 20th Anniversary Workshop