LDC develops tools to support evolving annotation tasks. All tools distributed by LDC are available at no cost under an open source license.

  • AGTK, Annotation Graph Toolkit: Annotation Graphs are a formal framework for representing linguistic annotations of time series data. They abstract away from file formats, coding schemes and user interfaces, providing a logical layer for annotation systems. AGTK is a toolkit for using the Annotation Graph model.
  • CTK, Champollion Toolkit: CTK aims to provide ready-to-use parallel text sentence alignment tools for as many language pairs as possible.
  • LDC Word Aligner: A tool used to build manual word alignments.
  • SPHERE Conversion Tools: Programs for converting NIST SPHERE speech files to other formats.
  • XTrans: A multi-platform, multilingual, multi-channel transcription tool that supports manual transcription and annotation of audio recordings.