Human Subjects Collection

LDC maintains facilities for recording speech both on-site and via telephone.

  • Soundbooth: Designed to isolate the speaker from extraneous noise sources, this room has an acoustical seal and drop sweep on the door, a multi-pane window and two layers of acoustic treatment on the walls. To minimize noise and equipment within the soundbooth, special wall-plates connect up to four in-room microphones plus monitor, mouse and keyboard to recording and computer equipment located outside the booth in an enclosure that isolates them from noise and EM interference. Recording can be conrolled from within or outside the room.
  • LDC maintains multiple computer telephony systems for collecting speech from the telephone network. Each is connected to a dedicated T-1 line that provides 24 audio channels with toll-free service enabled, enough to record 12 two-person phone calls simultaneously. Integrated telephony hardware performs interactive voice response and call logging functions. One system also incorporates a passive-tap call logging board. Customized IVR software developed at LDC and installed on each system handles all interactions with talkers and their connections and controls recordings. Supporting software handles automatic transfers of recordings to the main LDC network.