Providing Data

LDC supports language-related education, research and technology development by creating, archiving and sharing language resources. As part of its mission, LDC ensures that its published resources reach a broad spectrum of users – students, scholars, researchers, developers – in academic, governmental and private organizations. These communities require access to data across languages, genres and formats. LDC invites contributions from language resource developers to further this mission and to continue to diversify the Catalog.

LDC resources reach a global audience. The monthly newsletter announcing new releases is delivered to over 20,000 recipients which means exposure to key organizations and researchers in the field. In addition, LDC does not generally acquire exclusive rights to contributed resources, providing developers with the ability to distribute by other means as well. 

Those wishing to contribute resources to LDC should consult the Publication Process page and the Technical and Documentation Guidelines for details on the submissions and publications review process. LDC Submissions provides infrastructure and resources for describing and uploading data sets, communicating with LDC’s publications team, and submitting corpora for inclusion in the LDC Catalog.