Data Management Plans

Long before researchers were required to develop data management plans for their National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals, they deposited their research data at LDC in accordance with NSF’s long-standing desire that data generated with program funds should be readily accessible at a reasonable cost. Well known data sets in the series include The Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English (multiple parts), Propbank and Grassfields Bantu Fieldwork.

NSF now requires researchers to deposit funded data in an accessible, trustworthy archive. LDC fits that description. It possesses demonstrated expertise in data curation, distribution and management and is committed to the broad accessibility of linguistic data. The LDC Catalog is a growing digital archive of over 800 holdings which for more than two decades has served as one of the world’s major language resource depositories. Browse the pages in this section for more details on how LDC can help researchers develop and implement data management plans or submit information about your data through the LDC DMP Data Form. Contact LDC Data Management Plans with any questions.