Obtaining Data

The easiest way to access data is to become an LDC member. Membership offers organizations unparalled data rights and privileges (and discounts). Learn more about membership benefits here.

Most corpora distributed by LDC are available to nonmember organizations under research-only licenses and are subject to a nonmember license fee. Designated 'members-only' data sets are available to LDC members only. Refer to the Catalog for corpus-specific nonmember license and fee information.

Licensing Data as a Member

Contact the Membership Office and submit your data request. You will be notified if the request requires additional licenses or fees.

Licensing Data as a Nonmember

Contact the Membership Office, submit your data request and include the appropriate signed license agreement. All necessary user licenses must be signed and payment made before an order is processed.

Nonmember user license(s)

Most LDC corpora are governed by the LDC User Agreement for Non-Members; some corpora require the execution of specific user licenses. Each corpus catalog page contains a link to the required nonmember license agreement.

Fax signed licenses to +1.215.573.2175 or scan and and email them here.

Non-member license fee

Provide the Membership Office with payment or purchase order information for the nonmember license fee. Orders containing media releases (CD, DVD-ROM) are subject to shipping and handling fees: US$30 for US/Canada shipment, US$50 for overseas shipments.

Payment can be made in one of three ways:

  • By check from a bank with branches in the United States; credit to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

         Mail checks to LDC, but credit checks as indicated above

  • By wire to:
  • Wells Fargo Bank NA
  • 420 Montgomery Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94104
  • ABA NO. 031201467
  • Account No. 2000018692644
  • For credit to The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Attn: Ilya Ahtaridis 573-1275
  • By credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
Provide credit card details via the VISA/MasterCard Information Form or contact LDC at +1.215.573.1275.