Collaborations play an important role in many LDC activities. LDC partners, consults and otherwise collaborates with a variety of organizations for a multitude of purposes.

LDC Members - LDC would not exist if not for its members who span the range of organizations and fields in language-related research, education and technology development. Universities, research labs, corporations and government organizations from around the globe use LDC data for their work. The mutual interest underlying the member relationship is often the seed that spawns additional joint undertakings.

Data Contributors - LDC’s core mission is to develop, acquire and distribute language-related data, making data contributors valued partners. These include organizations whose business involves data of interest (news organizations, broadcasters) and researchers who contribute corpora and related resources for the catalog.

Sponsors, Research Partners - For sponsored projects, common task evaluations and other specific work, LDC partners with US government agencies (including the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Education, Homeland Security, Interior, Justice, Treasury), the National Science Foundation, research institutions, commercial organizations and others to achieve shared goals. This always results in the creation of language resources that are shared more broadly.

Sister Organizations, Networks - LDC is an active participant in related consortia and groups whose aim is to advance the ways in which resources are developed and distributed. These include initiatives for standardizing specifications and best practices and for developing new architecture for language resource delivery.