Join LDC

To become a member, an organization must sign the appropriate membership agreement and pay a membership fee. 

Sign the membership agreement

The membership agreement must be signed by someone who is legally empowered to commit an organization to observing its terms. Following are the available LDC membership agreements:

Return the signed membership to LDC by email, fax (+1.215.573.2175) or mail. Send two original copies of the membership agreement by mail if a co-signed copy is required. 

Organizations should choose a membership type. Standard Members receive free access to 16 corpora published in the membership year. Subscription Members receive two copies of each LDC dataset published in the membership year (30-36 unique titles annually).

Visit Membership Benefits to learn more about Standard and Subscription memberships.

Pay the membership fee

  • Not-for-profit organizations and US Government entities
    • Standard membership: $2,400
    • Subscription memberhip: $3,850
    • LDC Online memberhip: $1,000
  • For-Profit organizations
    • Standard membership: $24,000
    • Subscription membership: $27,500

Payment can be made in one of three ways:

  • By check from a bank with branches in the United States, credit to: The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

         Mail checks to LDC, but credit the checks as indicated above

  • By wire to:
Wells Fargo Bank NA
123 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19109
ABA NO. 031201467
Account No. 2000018692644
For credit to: The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Attn: Ilya Ahtaridis 573-1275
  • By credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Provide credit card details via the VISA/MasterCard Information Form or contact LDC at +1.215.573.1275.

LDC accepts institutional Purchase Orders in most instances and can issue a quote or pro-forma invoice if required.

LDC Contact Details

Linguistic Data Consortium           
3600 Market Street, Suite 810         
Philadelphia, PA 19104.2653   
Phone: +1.215.898.0464
Fax: +1.215.573.2175