LDC hosts and participates in various workshops and has also provided coordination and support for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) technology evaluation workshops.

In October 2016, LDC organized and hosted the NIEUW (Novel Incentives and Engineering Unique Workflows) Workshop which was supported by National Science Foundation CISE CRI planning grant (#1629923).

LDC was an organizer and participant in the LREC 2016 Workshop, Novel Incentives for Collecting Data and Annotation from People: types, implementation, tasking requirements, workflow and results, held in May 2016.

LDC co-organized and participated in the LSA 2016 Workshop, Preparing your Corpus for Archival Storage and the LSA 2012 Workshop, Coding for Sociolinguistic Archive Preparation. In 2012 LDC hosted a workshop at Penn to celebrate the Consortium's first 20 years - "The Future of Language Resources: LDC 20th Anniversary Workshop."