May 2015 Newsletter

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Corpora

Coordination Annotation for the Penn Treebank

GALE Phase 3 Chinese Broadcast Conversation Speech Part 2

GALE Phase 3 Chinese Broadcast Conversation Transcripts Part 2

SenSem Lexicons


Early renewing members save again
LDC's early renewal discount program has resulted in substantial savings for current year members. The 110 organizations that renewed their membership or joined early for Membership Year 2015 (MY2015) saved over US$65,000 on membership fees. MY2014 members are still eligible for a 5% discount when renewing through 2015.

LDC membership benefits include free membership year data as well as discounts on older corpora. For-profit members can use most LDC data for commercial applications. 


Commercial use and LDC data

For-profit organizations are reminded that an LDC membership is a pre-requisite for obtaining a commercial license to almost all LDC databases.  Non-member organizations, including non-member for-profit organizations, cannot use LDC data to develop or test products for commercialization, nor can they use LDC data in any commercial product or for any commercial purpose.  LDC data users should consult corpus-specific license agreements for limitations on the use of certain corpora. Visit our Licensing page for further information.