March 2015 Newsletter

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Corpora

GALE Chinese-English Parallel Aligned Treebank -- Training

GALE Phase 3 and 4 Arabic Broadcast Conversation Parallel Text

Mandarin-English Code-Switching in South-East Asia 


Spring 2015 LDC Data Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of LDC's Spring 2015 data scholarships:

    Christopher Kotfila ~ State University of New York, Albany (USA), PhD Candidate, Informatics. Christopher has been awarded copies of Message Understanding Conference and ACE 2005 SpatialML for his work in named entity extraction.

    Ilia Markov ~ National Polytechnic University (Mexico), PhD candidate, Computer Science. Ilia has been awarded a copy of the ETS Corpus of Non-Native Written English for his work in native language identification

    Matthew Nelson ~ Georgia State University (USA), MA candidate, Applied Linguistics. Matthew has been awarded a copy of TIMIT and Nationwide Speech for his work in speaker perception.

    Meladianos Polykarpos ~ Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), PhD candidate, Informatics. Meladianos has been awarded a copy of TDT5 Text and Topics/Annotations for his work in information retrieval.

    Benjamin Schloss ~ Pennsylvania State University (USA), PhD candidate, Psychology. Benjamin has been awarded a copy of the ETS Corpus of Non-Native Written English for his work in semantics.

For program information visit the Data Scholarship page.

2001 HUB5 English Evaluation update

2001 HUB5 English Evaluation (LDC2002S13) now includes corresponding transcriptions.  The transcripts are available as part of the web download for this data.  Additionally, all HUB5 English catalog entries have been updated to reflect LDC's current standards for documentation and metadata.