June 2020 Newsletter

Monday, June 22, 2020

New Publications

CALLFRIEND Mandarin Chinese-Taiwan Dialect Second Edition


TAC KBP English Event Nugget Detection and Coreference - Comprehensive Training and Evaluation Data 2014-2015


LDC Releases LORELEI Language Packs for COVID-19 Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of data-driven solutions to facilitate rapid response and humanitarian relief, and its global nature demonstrates the need for multi-language resources. To aid in this effort, LDC is releasing data it developed in the DARPA LORELEI program under a special no-cost license for COVID-19 research.

These resources are available in a single corpus:

LDC2020E21 LORELEI Language Packs for COVID-19 Research

This data set includes representative language packs and incident language packs for over two dozen low resource languages, comprising data, annotations, basic natural language processing tools, lexicons and grammatical resources.

For further information about this corpus and licensing terms, see COVID-19 Research.