July 2012 Newsletter

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Corpora

American English Nickname Collection

Arabic Treebank - Broadcast News v1.0

Catalan TimeBank 1.0


LDC 20th Anniversary Workshop

LDC announces its 20th Anniversary Workshop on Language Resources, to be held in Philadelphia on September 6-7, 2012. The event will commemorate our anniversary, reflect on the beginning of language data centers and address the future of language resources.

Workshop themes will include: the developments in human language technologies and associated resources that have brought us to our current state; the language resources required by the technical approaches taken and the impact of these resources on HLT progress; the applications of HLT and resources to other disciplines including law, medicine, economics, the political sciences and psychology; the impact of HLTs and related technologies on linguistic analysis and novel approaches in fields as widespread as phonetics, semantics, language documentation, sociolinguistics and dialect geography; and finally, the impact of any of these developments on the ways in which language resources are created, shared and exploited and on the specific resources required.

Stay tuned for further details.