February 2018 Newsletter

Thursday, February 15, 2018
Only two weeks left to enjoy 2018 membership discounts
There is still time to save on 2018 membership fees. Through March 1, all organizations receive a discount on the 2018 membership fee (up to 10%) when they choose to join or renew. 

For more information on membership benefits, visit Join LDC.
Spring 2018 LDC Data Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of LDC's Spring 2018 Data Scholarship:
Margarida Madaleno: London School of Economics, PhD Economic Geography. Madelano is awarded a copy of Treebank 3 for her research in emotional well-being.
Gary Munnelly: Trinity College Dublin, PhD Computer Science and Statistics. Munnelly is awarded a copy of the New York Times Annotated Corpus for his research in named entity recognition and disambiguation in cultural heritage data sets.
Barlian Henryanu Prasetio: University of Miyazaki, PhD Environmental Robotics. Prasetio is awarded copies of SUSAS and SUSAS Transcripts for his work in voice stress recognition systems.
For information about the program, visit the Data Scholarship page.
LDC data and commercial technology development
For-profit organizations are reminded that an LDC membership is a pre-requisite for obtaining a commercial license to almost all LDC databases. Non-member organizations, including non-member for-profit organizations, cannot use LDC data to develop or test products for commercialization, nor can they use LDC data in any commercial product or for any commercial purpose. LDC data users should consult corpus-specific license agreements for limitations on the use of certain corpora. Visit the Licensing page for further information.