February 2017 Newsletter

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Corpora

First-Year Law Students' Court Memoranda

IARPA Babel Haitian Creole Language Pack IARPA-babel201b-v0.2b

GALE Phase 3 Arabic Broadcast News Speech Part 2

GALE Phase 3 Arabic Broadcast News Transcripts Part 2 


LDC Director Mark Liberman receives the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award

LDC Director Mark Liberman is the 2017 recipient of the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award. Established in 2002, this annual award recognizes an individual for his or her outstanding contribution to the advancement of speech and/or audio processing. Liberman’s pioneering contributions and continued leadership in robust, replicable, and data-driven speech and language science and engineering have fueled the development and advancement of human language technologies including speech and speaker recognition, machine translation, and semantic analysis. As LDC’s founder, Mark has shepherded the Consortium from a small organization to the largest developer of shared language resources, distributing more than 120,000 copies of over 2,000 databases covering 91 different languages to more than 3,600 organizations in over 70 countries. 

Liberman will receive the award at ICASSP 2017 in New Orleans (March 5-9). LDC will be an exhibitor at Booth 43. Please stop by and say hello. We hope to see you there.    


Only two weeks left to enjoy 2017 membership discounts

There is still time to save on 2017 membership fees. Through March 1, all organizations receive a discount on the 2017 membership fee (up to 10%) when they choose to join or renew.   

For more information on membership benefits, visit Join LDC.


Spring 2017 LDC Data Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of LDC's Spring 2017 data scholarship:

Umad Ul Hassan and Muhammad Awais Zulfiqar: National University of Sciences and Technology (Pakistan); BS Computer Science. Hassan and Zulfiqar are awarded copies of CSLU: Kids’ Speech Version 1.1 and The CMU Kids Corpus for their research in speech recognition for children with learning difficulties.

For information about the program, visit the Data Scholarship page.