February 2015 Newsletter

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Corpora

Avocado Research Email Collection

GALE Chinese-English Word Alignment and Tagging -- Broadcast Training Part 3

RATS Speech Activity Detection


Only two weeks left to enjoy 2015 membership savings

There’s still time to save on 2015 membership fees. Now through March 2, all organizations will receive a 5% discount when they join for MY2015. MY2014 members are eligible for an additional 5% off the fee when they renew before March 2. 

Don’t miss this savings opportunity. Secure your membership today for access to new corpora as well as discounts on our existing catalog of over 600 holdings. 2015 publications include the following:

  • CIEMPIESS - Mexican Spanish radio broadcast audio and transcripts     
  • GALE Phase 3 and 4 data – all tasks and languages
  • Mandarin Chinese Phonetic Segmentation and Tone Corpus - phonetic segmentation and tone labels  
  • RATS Speech Activity Detection  – multilanguage audio for robust speech detection and language identification
  • SEAME - Mandarin-English code-switching speech

To join, create or sign into your LDC user account, select your preferred membership type from the Catalog, add the item to your bin and follow the check-out process. The Membership Office will apply any discounts. Alternatively, if you have already received a renewal invoice from LDC, you can simply pay against that.

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