August 2022 Newsletter

Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Corpora 

HAVIC MED Novel 2 Test – Videos, Metadata and Annotation


Fall 2022 LDC Data Scholarship Program
Student applications for the Fall 2022 LDC Data Scholarship program are being accepted now through September 15, 2022. This program provides eligible students with no-cost access to LDC data. Students must complete an application consisting of a data use proposal and letter of support from their advisor. For application requirements and program rules, visit the LDC Data Scholarships page

30th Anniversary Highlight: The LDC Gigawords 
Giga: a combining form meaning “billion,” used in the formation of compound words (Source:

LDC’s Gigaword corpora are a natural outgrowth of its vast decades-long multi-language newswire collection. Newswire data was originally collected, annotated, and distributed for use in many sponsored projects and was also released through the LDC catalog in tailored data sets. Then came the idea of making LDC’s entire newswire collection available by language with a simple, minimal markup to support a broad range of NLP/HLT tasks. The first ArabicChinese and English gigaword editions were released in 2003; subsequent cumulative releases through fifth editions in 2011 represent LDC’s newswire collection spanning 1994-2010 in those languages. French and Spanish gigawords were first published in 2006, culminating in the release of third editions in 2011, likewise covering newswire collected by LDC through 2010.

The community has used, and continues to use, these data sets in numerous ways. Automatic text summarization is a favorite, and current work in this area applies deep learning principles (see, e.g., Gao et al. 2020, English). Gigawords are also useful for text source classification (Huang et al. 2003, Chinese), information extraction (Lan et al. 2020, Arabic), knowledge extraction and distributional semantics (Napoles et al. 2012, English) and natural language understanding (Ganitkevitch 2013, English), among other fields. Recent variations like the annotated and concretely annotated English gigawords add syntactic, semantic, and coreference annotations to this billion word text collection. 

All Gigaword corpora are available for licensing by Consortium members and non-members. Visit Obtaining Data for more information.