April 2022 Newsletter

Friday, April 15, 2022

New Corpora 

LORELEI Wolof Representative Language Pack


LDC Celebrates 30 Years
April 2022 marks the beginning of LDC’s 30th year as the leader in language resource development and distribution. Founded in 1992, the Consortium has grown from a data repository to a vibrant data center that creates, shares and preserves language resources for research, education and technology development. The Catalog continues to grow, housing over 900 titles in more than 90 languages. With the support of members, licensees, sponsors and collaborators, LDC has distributed over 200,000 copies of data to more than 6,000 organizations worldwide. We are sincerely grateful to the community, and we pledge to continue the mission to provide diverse data, high-quality member services and research program support. 

Stay tuned for upcoming newsletter highlights from the last three decades! 

LDC Releases Ukrainian Data for Disaster and Refugee Relief Research
LDC is releasing Ukrainian data it developed in the DARPA AIDA program, the NIST Language Recognition Evaluation series and the DARPA LORELEI program under a special no-cost, limited license for disaster and refugee relief research. 

These resources are available in three corpora:

LDC2022E06     AIDA Ukrainian Broadcast and Telephone Speech Audio and Transcripts
LDC2020T24     LORELEI Ukrainian Representative Language Pack
LDC2020T10     LORELEI Entity Detection and Linking Knowledge Base

For further information about these data sets and licensing terms, see Disaster and Refugee Relief Research.