April 2009 Newsletter

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Corpora

An English Dictionary of the Tamil Verb, Second Edition

Japanese Web N-gram Version 1


Membership Mailbag - Navigating the LDC Intranet

LDC's Membership office responds to a few thousand emailed queries a year, and, over time, we've noticed that some questions tend to crop up with regularity.  To address the questions that you, our data users, have asked, we'd like to continue our Membership Mailbag series of newsletter articles.  This month we will focus on a few features of the LDC Intranet including establishing an account and using that account to access information about your organization's history with LDC.  Next month, we'll take a look into using your account to access password-protected corpora and resources.

LDC's Intranet contains the following links:

    Customer Profile
    LDC Online
    Corpora Available for Download

The User and Customer Profile sections.  Anyone can sign up for a 'guest account' to the LDC Intranet either through the Member Resources page or through the LDC Online page on LDC website.   When signing up for an account, you'll be asked to select your organization affiliation from a list of over 2700 organizations that have licensed data from LDC.  If your organization doesn't appear on the list, you can register under the organization 'Guest'.  Once your account is established under an organization name,  the organization administrator for that account receives an automated email which requests that the administrator verify your organization affiliation and change your account permission from 'guest' to 'org_user'.

As an 'org_user', you can access more information about your organization and, generally, more data.  If you are receiving this email, then you already have an account to the LDC Intranet.  Don't recall signing up for an account?  If you have licensed data from LDC in the past, then an account was automatically created for you.  Account holders should use the User link to update their contact and log-in information. 

After your account is established and verified, you can next view information about your organization through the Customer Profile link.  The Customer Profile shows the 'Primary Contact' at each organization - for organizations which are LDC members, that contact is for membership and data inquiries; for non-member organizations the 'Primary Contact' is the first person to have licensed data under that organization name.  If your organization is an LDC member, the Customer Profile will list which years your organization has held membership under the 'Membership Year(s)' section.  The Customer Profile also shows which data your organization has licensed under the 'Catalog Information' section.  For member organizations, the profile will list all corpora which are included in their Membership Year(s).  If a corpus has been requested, then the profile will indicate who requested the corpus and when.

In the next newsletter, we'll look at using an LDC Intranet account to access password-protected corpora and resources, as we review the LDC Online and Corpora Available for Download sections.

Got a question?  About LDC data?  Forward it to .  The answer may appear in a future Membership Mailbag article.