Papers and Presentations

Stephanie Strassel, Alexis Mitchell, Shudong Huang 
Multilingual Resources for Entity Extraction 
ACL 2003: 41st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Sapporo, July 7-12 
Multilingual and Mixed-language Named Entity Recognition Workshop: Combining Statistical and Symbolic Models 
Available: Paper in PDF 

George Doddington, Alexis Mitchell, Mark Przybocki, Lance Ramshaw, Stephanie Strassel, Ralph Weischedel 
Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) Program - Task Definitions and Performance Measures 
LREC 2004: 4th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Lisbon, May 24-30 
Available: Paper in PDF 

Shudong Huang, Stephanie Strassel, Alexis Mitchell, Zhiyi Song 
Shared Resources for Multilingual Information Extraction and Challenges in Named Entity Annotation 
IJCNLP-04: 1st International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, Hainan Island, China, March 22-24 
Named Entity Recognition for NLP Applications Workshop 
Available: Paper in PDF 

Zhiyi Song, Stephanie Strassel 
Entity Translation and Alignment in the ACE-07 ET Task 
LREC 2008: 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Marrakech, May 28-30 
Available: Paper in PDF