LDC Facilities

The Linguistic Data Consortium has offices on the top floor of 3600 Market Street in Philadelphia's University City Science Center. The eighth floor suite, with over 11,000 usable square feet, was configured specifically for LDC with 22 single, double and triple offices, large and small conference rooms, a recording booth, a focus group room and six laboratories, including those for broadcast news collection, participant recruiting, annotation and publications. The space also includes specially-equipped telecommunications and data closets as well as a mailroom and pantry.

The large conference room seats 30 and contains Windows and Unix workstations, power and network outlets for guests, a wireless network access point and a presentation system including a high resolution overhead projector, a large screen TV and two input stations. The small conference room seats six with network outlets for guests.

The Consortium also maintains a specialized server area within the University's machine room connected to the offices with a redundant fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet link.