BOLT PropBank

PropBanks are texts annotated for basic semantic propositions. In BOLT, Brandeis University and the University of Colorado take existing Arabic, Chinese and English PropBanks and enhance them to meet the program’s goals.

Arabic PropBank

Arabic PropBank adds a layer of predicate-argument information to the Arabic Treebank as well as coreference chains for empty categories within the clause (if retraceable). For BOLT, Egyptian Arabic data from BOLT genres is annotated and added to this resource.

Chinese PropBank

Chinese PropBank is annotated with semantic roles for the arguments of verbal and nominal predicative expressions; the predicate-argument structure annotation makes reference to constituents in the phrase structure trees of the Chinese Treebank. In the BOLT program, Chinese PropBank expands to include text messages and conversational telephone speech.

English PropBank

English PropBank includes annotation for verbal propositions and eventive nouns and adjectives. The result is consistent argument labels across a verb sense and between nominal and adjectival counterparts, for example, decide and decision.  

Annotation Guidelines

Chinese PropBank Guidelines  

Egyptian Arabic PropBank Guidelines

English PropBank Guidelines 

Annotation Tools 

Annotation tools used for PropBank are Jubilee (Propbank instance editor) and Cornerstone (Propbank frameset editor). They are written in Java and support multiple languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean and Hindi.