Stephen Grimes

Senior Software Developer

Stephen serves as a lead developer in the software group. In an agile software development framework his team models, creates, and validates language and speech corpora. The team supports a family of Ruby on Rails web applications and other desktop GUI applications. Dr. Grimes has experience in several sponsored research projects including GALE and BOLT (handling word alignment, treebanking, and translation natural language processing pipelines), MADCAT (handwriting recognition of Chinese and Arabic), and various other projects such as DEFT, TAC/KBP, RATS, MT, and LRE.

Grimes attended Bucknell for Mathematics and Computer Science and has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and M.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University. While not researching "big data" aspects of language, Grimes is interested the phonology and morphology of Hungarian and issues of endangered languages preservation.