Mohamed Maamouri

Senior Research Administrator

Mohamed Maamouri is a Senior Researcher and Research Administrator at LDC where he heads the Arabic Treebank Group and the development of Arabic resources and projects. From 1995 to 2001, Dr. Maamouri was the Associate Director of the International Literacy Institute (ILI) at the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Maamouri was a Professor of Linguistics and English at the University of Manouba (1967-1995) in Tunisia, and the former Director of the Bourguiba Institute of Modern Languages (1975-1988) of the University of Tunis.

For the past thirteen year, Dr. Maamouri has been the Director of the LDC Arabic Treebank effort, especially working on the morphological and syntactic annotation of Modern Standard and dialectal Arabic. Dr. Maamouri's other interests cover literacy, the Arabic reading process, language development, corpus linguistics and sociolinguistics. An LDC partnership with the Georgetown University Press (GUP) and a successful bid at the Department of Education's International Research Studies Program in 2008 led him to directing and being closely involved in intensive lexical work on three dialectal Arabicdictionaries (Iraqi, Moroccan and Syrian) of which he is now the Editor.

Maamouri’s other interests include educational linguistics in general and language acquisition, language policy and planning, as well as bilingualism and multilingual issues in particular.