What's New:

LDC will once again be exhibiting at Interspeech, held this year September 7-10 in Dresden, Germany. Stop by booth 20 to learn more about recent developments at the Consortium and new publications.

Also, be on the lookout for the following presentations featuring LDC work:

The Effect of Spectral Slope on Pitch Perception
Jianjing Kuang (UPenn) and Mark Liberman (LDC)
Monday 7 September, Poster Session 3-9, 11:00–13:00 

Investigating Consonant Reduction in Mandarin Chinese with Improved Forced Alignment
Jiahong Yuan and Mark Liberman (both LDC) 
Wednesday 9 September, Oral Session 36-5, 17:50-18:10 

LDC will post conference updates via our Twitter feed and Facebook page. We hope to see you there!  

One month remains for not-for-profit and government organizations to create a custom data collection of eight corpora from among LDC’s 2013 releases. Selection options include: 1993-2007 United Nations Parallel Text, Chinese Treebank 8.0, CSC Deceptive Speech, GALE Arabic and Chinese speech and text releases, Greybeard, MADCAT training data, NIST 2012 Open Machine Translation (OpenMT) evaluation and progress sets, and more. The 2013 Data Pack is available for a flat rate of $3500 through September 15, 2015.

To license the Data Pack and select eight corpora, login or register for an LDC user account and add the 2013 Data Pack and each of the eight data sets to your bin. Follow the check-out procedure, sign all applicable user agreements and select payment via wire transfer, purchase order or check. LDC will adjust the invoice total to reflect the data pack fee.

To pay via credit card, add the 2013 Data Pack to your bin and check out using the system prompts. At the completion of the transaction, send an email to LDC indicating the eight data sets to include in your order. 



Student applications for the Fall 2015 LDC Data Scholarship program are due Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 11:59PM EDT.  The LDC Data Scholarship program provides university students with access to LDC data at no cost.  This program is open to students pursuing both undergraduate and graduate studies in an accredited college or university. LDC Data Scholarships are not restricted to any particular field of study; however, students must demonstrate a well-developed research agenda.

Students will need to complete an application which consists of a data use proposal and letter of support from their adviser.  For more information on application materials and program rules, please visit the LDC Data Scholarship page. 

Applicants can email their complete application to the LDC Data Scholarship program

LDC’s Chris Cieri and University of Arizona’s Malcah Yeager-Dror are organizing the upcoming LSA 2016 workshopPreparing your Corpus for Archival Storage”. The session is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (BCS #1549994) and will be held on Thursday, January 7, 2016 in Washington, DC before the start of the 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA 2016).

The workshop will examine critical factors which must be considered when preparing data for comparison and sharing following on the topics discussed in the LSA 2012 workshop, "Coding for Sociolinguistic Archive Preparation". Invited speakers will discuss specific coding conventions for such factors as socioeconomic and educational speaker demographics, language choice, stance and footing.

There will be no additional registration fees to attend the session for those already taking part in the annual meeting. Students who are about to carry out their own fieldwork, or who have begun doing so, are eligible to apply for funding to help defray the extra costs for attending the workshop. For more information about the speakers and topics, visit LDC’s workshop page

LDC’s new web pages about data management plans (DMPs) describe the Consortium’s capabilities to develop and implement project specific proposals. To satisfy requirements from funders like the National Science Foundation (NSF) that researchers deposit data in an accessible, trustworthy repository, LDC provides archiving services and makes data publicly available at a reasonable cost while protecting intellectual property rights and privacy concerns.

Browse the new pages to learn more about the advantages of data center distribution, the details of NSF DMP requirements and the infrastructures and processes LDC has in place for storing and distributing resources over the long-term. 


We've revamped our user services to make it easier than ever to access LDC data. Now you can become an LDC member, request corpora, sign agreements and submit payment online directly from your LDC user account.

You’ll receive email notifications of key points in the transaction, when for instance, an order is created, agreements are signed, payment is received and data is shipped. You can also track the status of a transaction from your user account. 

Visit the new Managing Your LDC Account page to learn more about user accounts and their privileges and the steps for online transactions.

As always, thanks to our members, sponsors, collaborators and licensees for your continued support.

Podcasts from the complete set of staff interviews conducted as part of LDC's 20th Anniversary can be accessed from the LDC Blog. Hear what long-time staffers had to say about their experiences at LDC.

Christopher Cieri, Executive Director -- Chris reflects on the road that brought him to LDC, some of his early responsibilities and Consortium activities. 

Mohamed Maamouri, Senior Researcher -- Mohamed recounts his personal and professional experiences and comments on Arabic resource development at LDC.

David Graff, Lead Programmer -- Dave was one of LDC's first staff members and offers some insights on LDC's early days.

Yiwola Awoyale, Moussa Bamba, Researchers -- Yiwola and Moussa discuss how they came to LDC, their work on West African langauges and how it benefits multiple communities.

Natalia Bragilveskaya, Business Manager; Ilya Ahtaridis, Membership Coordinator; Marian Reed, Marketing Coordinator -- Natalia, Ilya and Marian recall the early days of LDC and the development of its interactions with the University of Pennsylvania, sponsors, members, licensees and collaborators.