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All organizations engaged in language-related research, education and human language technology development are invited to join LDC for Membership Year (MY) 2017.  Take advantage of our discount options and don’t miss out on continuing access to high quality data sets.

Plans for MY2017 publications are in progress. Among the expected releases are:

  • 2010 NIST SRE Speaker Recognition Evaluation Set
  • UCLA High Speed Laryngeal Database: audio recordings and high speed video-endoscopic images of the vocal folds while sustaining vowels
  • Noisy TIMIT: TIMIT with added artificial noise
  • CHiME Shared Task Data: noisy read WSJ Speech
  • BOLT: source, parallel and word-aligned data in all languages
  • Multilanguage conversational telephone speech in related languages/dialects: e.g., South Asian, Central European, English, Spanish
  • RATS Keyword Spotting data set 
  • First Year Law Students’ Memoranda: memos to a hypothetical court with annotation
  • IARPA Babel Language Packs: languages include Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Zulu, Kazakh, Lithuanian

2017 membership fees have not increased. Current (2016) members receive a 10% discount when renewing before March 1, 2017, or a 5% discount when renewing any time in 2017. Non-consecutive members and new members receive a 5% discount when renewing before March 1, 2017.

Consult our Members pages for membership details and for instructions on how to join the Consortium through your LDC user account.