Join LDC for membership year 2023

It’s time to renew your LDC membership for 2023. Current (2022) members who renew their membership before March 1, 2023 will receive a 10% discount. New or returning organizations will receive a 5% discount if they join the Consortium by March 1.

In addition to receiving new publications, current LDC members enjoy the benefit of licensing older data from our Catalog of 900+ holdings at reduced fees. Current-year for-profit members may use most data for commercial applications.

Plans for 2023 publications are in progress. Among the expected releases are: 

  • AIDA Ukrainian Broadcast and Telephone Speech Audio and Transcripts: 156 hours of Ukrainian conversational telephone speech and broadcast news with 1.2 million words of corresponding orthographic transcripts 
  • 2019 NIST SRE: audiovisual and leaderboard challenge sets based on amateur videos and Tunisian Arabic telephone speech, respectively   
  • DEFT English ERE: English text from assorted genres annotated for entities, relations and events  
  • Mixer 3 and Mixer 7 speech collections: thousands of hours of telephone speech and metadata from Mixer 3 (multiple languages) and Mixer 7 (Spanish, plus interviews and transcript readings)  
  • CALLFRIEND Russian: 100 telephone conversations among native speakers, transcripts and a lexicon, released in separate speech and text data sets 
  • REMIX Telephone Collection: English telephone speech from 385 participants in previous Mixer studies 
  • LORELEI: representative and incident language packs containing monolingual text, bi-text, translations, annotations, supplemental resources and related tools in various languages (e.g., Indonesian, Swahili, Tagalog, Tamil, Zulu) 

For full descriptions of all LDC data sets, browse our Catalog. Visit Join LDC for details on membership, user accounts and payment.