Awoyale honored for Yoruba work

In this International Year of Indigenous Languages, LDC recognizes the accomplishments of its senior researcher, Dr. Yiwola Awoyale, for his work in Yoruba, a Kwa language of the Niger-Congo family. Yiwola is known for his fieldwork and attention to data and data documentation. His Global Yoruba Lexical Database v. 1.0 (LDC2008L03) is a unique digital resource, a set of related dictionaries providing definitions and translations for over 450,000 words from  Yoruba  and its variants.

In honor of his contributions to African language and linguistic studies, an international group of scholars recently compiled a collection of papers titled Data-Rich Linguistics: Papers in Honor of Yiwola Awoyale (2018), available through Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

More information about Yiwola’s work and LDC’s electronic resources in the languages of West Africa is found here.