1) Can I join LDC for any membership year?

Organizations can join the current membership year or the previous membership year (2014 and 2013). Only current (2014) members can acquire data from closed membership years (1993-2012) at reduced license fees (see below). Organizations can also pay for membership years in advance (2015 and beyond).

2) What is a reduced licensing fee?

The reduced license fee is 50% of the corpus nonmember license fee or the corpus extra copy fee, whichever is greater. Current members may acquire corpora from closed membership years at the reduced license fee.

The reduced license fee for 'Members Only' corpora is $200 per DVD-ROM, $150 per CD-ROM, and $100 per web download.

The reduced license fee benefit is not available to LDC Online members.

3) Can I request more than one copy of a corpus released in my membership year?

Members may license additional copies of corpora released in their membership year(s) for an extra copy fee of $150 per CD-ROM, $200 per DVD or the catalog nonmember fee, if lower. Data accessible as a web download may be downloaded as many times as needed. Extra copies of LDC data are subject to the same restrictions, and covered by the same license, if any, as the primary copy.

4) What is LDC Online?

LDC Online contains an indexed collection of Arabic, Chinese and English newswire text, millions of words of English telephone speech from the Switchboard and Fisher collections and the American English Spoken Lexicon, as well as the full text of the Brown corpus. LDC Online users can search textual data and play audio extracts for transcribed utterances on standard web browsers.

LDC Online is NOT a substitute for direct online access to news and media sources. The news contented provided on LDC Online is restricted by LDC's agreeements with data providers and  may only be used for linguistic research, education and technology development.

Visit LDC Online for more information about this resource.

5) How can I obtain a guest account?

Anyone can request a guest account from the User Login page. Click on the "Click to Create New User" button. If you are affiliated with an LDC member organization, your organization's membership administrator will be notified of your request. Once the administrator confirms your affiliation, you will gain the access rights due to your organization.