May 2012 Newsletter

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Corpora

Chinese Dependency Treebank 1.0

GALE Phase 2 Arabic Broadcast Conversation Parallel Text Part 1 

Turkish Broadcast News Speech and Transcripts


Early Renewing Members Save Again

To date almost 100 organizations have joined for Membership Year (MY) 2012, our 20th anniversary year. Once again LDC's early renewal discount program has resulted in significant savings for our members. Organizations that renewed membership or joined early for MY2012 saved almost US$60,000! MY 2011 members are still eligible for a 5% discount when renewing for MY2012. This discount will apply throughout 2012, regardless of time of renewal.

Organizations joining LDC can take advantage of membership benefits including free membership year data as well as discounts on older LDC corpora. Please visit our Members FAQ for further information.